Website of Trev, a product designer

Complex problems, fast-paced delivery and building culture from scratch


Senior Product Designer


4 --→ 10


UI & UX Design

User Research



Stakeholder & project management

Creative Direction

Branding & Identity



April 2014 —November 2017

Things move quickly in agencies. Blink, and the opportunities will pass you by.

Designing the studio identity, working with and managing client projects and social media, forming the studio’s UX and design processes and promoting a skill-share initiative to improve design standards within the team were just a small peek into life at 100 Shapes.

Presentations, writing proposals, formulating project plans to deliver to clients for a mix of consumer and internal digital experiences, Trev had visibility and influence over every aspect of the brief. Developing his craft and gaining knowledge on the business of design, project management and team leadership along the way. As the longest standing member of the team, he ensured that new team members would have the support structure they needed to thrive, learn and collaborate in.